Dublin City - Jigsaw Puzzle
Dublin City - Jigsaw Puzzle
Dublin City - Jigsaw Puzzle

Dublin City - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Beautiful 500 piece high quality jigsaw puzzle featuring the Ha'penny Bridge and river Liffey, Dublin City, Ireland.

Produced on linen paper and blue puzzle cardboard

Size 48.5 x 34.5cm

Dublin City

Dublin, like most great cities, did not grow overnight. Founded by the Vikings over a thousand years ago, it has evolved through the Middle Ages and Georgian Era to become one of the friendliest and most fashionable capitals in Europe.

The name Dublin derives from the two Irish words Dubh (black) and Lynn (pool). The Black Pool was a small tidal pool formed where the River Poddle entered the River Liffey. The official Irish name for the city is Baile Atha Cliath, or the “Town of the Hurdled Ford”. This refers to an ancient ford across the River Liffey, which was situated near the modern Father Mathew Bridge.

Photography © Liam Blake

Liam Blake was born in Dublin, Ireland and developed a keen interest in photography at an early age. An award winning photographer, Liam works almost exclusively in Ireland and his work for Real Ireland Design was responsible for ushering in a new worldwide appreciation of the beauty of Ireland through its ranges of postcards, calendars, books, posters and now jigsaw puzzles.

He is the author of several photographic books and has exhibited his work in galleries throughout Ireland.

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